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Fitness has always been a concern with regard to both mental and physical health regardless of age, gender, or any other variables that make each one of us unique. And for those in the blind community, fitness is every bit as much—if not more—important.

Exercise for the visually impaired is something that should be incorporated into a weekly, if not daily, routine for a variety of reasons that are both similar and different from people within the sighted community. For those with total loss of sight as well as for those who are low sighted, a lack of regular exercise can bring on a host of other issues, including weight gain, sluggishness, and perhaps worst of all for many, insomnia or a circadian rhythm that has been thrown completely off track.

A quality workout done at the right time of day and at the right pace to meet your unique physical and mental needs is just what the doctor may have forgotten to order. For many blind people, fitness has been a challenge: without someone to guide you and without the ability to drive yourself to the gym, it becomes obvious why so many visually impaired individuals give up—but with the BlindAlive line of Fitness Workouts for blind people, you’ll never have to depend on anyone else again.

Yoga and Strength Training with wieghts for blind people along with a variety of other cardiovascular exercises help our bodies stay toned, help us gain muscle mass and lose weight, but most of all, can help lead a blind person away from a sense of helplessness.

Are you ready to sweat? Come get healthy and leave all your notions of not being able to get fit due to your visual impairment behind with BlindAlive!

Shana Maleeff - Fitness Specialist

Shana Maleeff, MA, RD, CDN, ACE-GFI, received a BS in Nutrition from Penn State University and an MA in Nutrition Education from Immaculata University in Pennsylvania.  She works in New York City coaching clients on nutrition, fitness, weight management, disease prevention, and lifestyle modification to help them actualize their best selves. She has been teaching group fitness classes at Crunch Fitness in Manhattan since 2007, including spin, sculpt, TRX, and urban rebounding. Shana is the expert nutrition columnist for's fitness center and has been quoted in magazines like SELF and Cosmopolitan. Her passion for health and fitness is contagious and she wants to share it with you!

BlindAlive is especially close to Shana's heart because she has a mother with RP, who is very connected to the low vision and blind community.  For years, Shana and her mother Lynne have been working together to come up with workouts that were effective and easy for her to follow, given her circumstances.  Finally, with BlindAlive, Shana is able to create these exercise programs that are catered specifically to this exact population and deliver a workout that is descriptive and easy to follow.  She is so grateful to be involved in such a meaningful project that is bringing you the gift of better health and fitness!



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