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Fitness has always been a concern with regard to both mental and physical health regardless of age, gender, or any other variables that make each one of us unique. And for those in the blind community, fitness is every bit as much—if not more—important.

Exercise for the visually impaired is something that should be incorporated into a weekly, if not daily, routine for a variety of reasons that are both similar and different from people within the sighted community. For those with total loss of sight as well as for those who are low sighted, a lack of regular exercise can bring on a host of other issues, including weight gain, sluggishness, and perhaps worst of all for many, insomnia or a circadian rhythm that has been thrown completely off track.

A quality workout done at the right time of day and at the right pace to meet your unique physical and mental needs is just what the doctor may have forgotten to order. For many blind people, fitness has been a challenge: without someone to guide you and without the ability to drive yourself to the gym, it becomes obvious why so many visually impaired individuals give up—but with the BlindAlive line of Fitness Workouts for blind people, you’ll never have to depend on anyone else again.

Yoga and Strength Training with wieghts for blind people along with a variety of other cardiovascular exercises help our bodies stay toned, help us gain muscle mass and lose weight, but most of all, can help lead a blind person away from a sense of helplessness.

Are you ready to sweat? Come get healthy and leave all your notions of not being able to get fit due to your visual impairment behind with BlindAlive!

Welcome to our Weight Lifting and Body Sculpting Programs


Body sculpting, also called weight training, resistance training or strength training, is a form of exercise which uses external weight or resistance, or your own body weight, to stress the muscles. The result is newly toned or sculpted muscles. Body sculpting can help you get in shape, tone the body and lose weight.

I downloaded the audio workouts on my phone. The descriptions are wonderful. I did Sculpting with Weights Level One, and wow! You really get a workout within a half hour. It beats a gym membership any day, and I would rather have the gym come to me versus me going to the gym. I know at a regular gym you are not going to get anything like what I can now do in my own home.
Woman builds and strengthens core muscles with working with weights

Woman builds and strengthens core muscles with working with weights

The basics of body sculpting are simple, even for beginners and it doesn’t require a lot of equipment. Doing a body sculpting routine can yield many benefits for men and women - an increase in lean muscle mass, increased strength and stronger bones and joints. Increased muscle mass improves metabolism, resulting in more calories burned in everything you do.

If you’ve never done any sort of exercise program before, you’re a beginner. Be sure to get the green light from your doctor before you start. If you’ve been injured or had surgery, you can be considered a beginner because of loss of strength or range of motion and have to modify or simplify your workout to a beginner’s level. The same goes for post-natal women. And if you’ve been a cardio junkie and never included body sculpting into your routine, you are a beginner as well.

In our Weight Lifting and Body Sculpting selection we offer four programs: A Level One, Level Two, and a Stability Ball program as well as the Barre Method Level One.

These programs require two pairs of different hand weights or other equally weighted objects, an exercise mat or padded surface for floor work, a sturdy chair, supportive shoes, and just a few feet of clear space. The Stability Ball Program requires the correct size ball. All programs can be easily adjusted to your level of fitness.

Our first program is Sculpting with Weights Level One, which is low impact and ideal for beginners. It targets all the major muscles of the body in either single joint (bicep curl), or multiple joint exercises (squats, push-ups). It takes about thirty minutes to complete.

Our second program, Sculpting with Weights Level Two, works multiple muscle groups at the same time and is more intense than Level one. When you’ve just started a full body sculpting program, do exercises three or four times a week. When you lift weights, your muscles get micro-tears, so allow at least 24 hours between each routine for recovery. The process of muscle repair is how your muscles get stronger.

Our third program, the Stability Ball Program is a fun, total body workout. It tones, sculpts, and promotes flexibility.

And the fourth and last program is the Barre Method Level One.

After injuring her back, Lotte Berk, a German dancer living in London, came up with the idea to combine her dance conditioning routine with her rehabilitative therapy. She opened her first studio in 1959, in her London basement, where famous faces such as Joan Collins and Barbara Streisand regularly came to lift, tuck, and curl.

This routine will absolutely change the way you feel about your body. It will change your shape and you will feel long and lean. The Barre Method exercise targets the muscles that play the greatest role in body change, then keeps these muscles working intensely and safely long enough for them to change. It then intensely stretches each muscle worked to make it look & feel longer & more graceful.

Here you can listen to samples from the Weight Lifting and Body Sculpting Level One program workouts. When you are done, you can continue reading to purchase the Weight Lifting and Body Sculpting bundle, individual programs or return to the program page.

The Weight Lifting and Body Sculpting Bundle which includes the full Sculpting with Weights Level One, Level Two and the Stability Ball Program, is a great investment for only $47.99. Improve your health and save $12.

All programs come with bonus material that includes modifications and adjustments and detailed step-by-step descriptions of each movement in the routine, all sent to you as audio and text files.


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